Development of microbial platforms

The number of carboxydotrophic isolates is still limited, and it is a challenge to isolate novel microorganisms able to convert CO at high rates and possibly produce distinct product profiling. Expanding the range of products from CO may encompass genetic engineering of already isolated or novel carboxydotrophs that can be explored for the production of chloromethane.This project focuses on the discovery and development of thermophilic carboxydotrophs for syngas fermentation. Further, it aims to design and build synthetic anaerobic microbial consortia for the tailored production of a broad range of high-value chemicals from CO/syngas. With the innovative synthetic mixed culture approach, the project targets to produce bespoke fashion products that cannot be produced by a single microorganism. 

It encompasses 3 projects
Novel biocatalysts for syngas conversion
Synthetic microbial consortia for syngas conversion
Biokinetic modeling for syngas process design